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Facility management performed conveniently and with a simple overview!

Comprehensive overview of assets under management

Revisions and maintenance without unnecessary worries

Efficient energy management

Avoid increased costs and disappointed clients

When managing assets, every company thinks about how to do it as efficiently as possible. 

If your company always has up-to-date and clear information about the managed property and its technical condition, it does not have to worry about the disappointment of the clients and you can solve their requirements quickly. With a perfect overview of all necessary indicators, you can avoid increased demands on workload and time consumption of your employees. You can also avoid increased costs related to, for example, energy waste. Inspections and maintenance are performed on time. You do not face unpleasant sanctions. 

The Chastia graphic information system provide facility management companies proven solutions for the effective facility management of entrusted assets. 

 Find out what we can do for you. 

Why to choose CHASTIE
software solution ?

Clear records on assets

With the Chastia software solution you will be able to create detailed and clear records of all necessary data.

High quality reporting

With our software solutions, you will obtain high quality data for planning and analysis. You will also be able to create reliable reports.

Data available online

The software will allow all employees to have complete information with them at all times.

Our experience in numbers 

20 facility companies

15  years in this segment

10000 managed equipment

100000entered and resolved requests

Software that offers solutions for many areas of your work

Chastia FM software and its extension Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Property passportization

The software allows you to keep a detailed central record of selected objects and devices, with the possibility of their graphical representation.

Evidence of areas and spaces

he Chastia software solution gives the possibility to create records of all basic data about all spaces, buildings, floors, etc. The records are based on categorization according to various parameters.

Contractual relationships and invoicing

The solution offers a detailed record of contracts, their amendments and annexes on the performance of asset management. It provides automated tools for collective work with leases, automated generation of contracts, their amendments, terminations, or automated generation and management of installment calendars. Last but not least it offers instruments for down payments, invoicing and costs reconciliation.

Centralized document management

You can keep the documents required for the company’s activities clearly in one database with access for all authorized personnel from anywhere.

Evidence and energy consumption reconciliation

The software makes it possible to record and monitor all energy and services at the entry point. It can calculate the costs for energy and services within the buildings at the consumption point as well. As an example we can calculate these costs for individual departments of the company or for individual tenants.

Energy management

By implementing our software, you will get a powerful tool for evaluating and creating high quality reports in the field of production, distribution and energy consumption for individual buildings or for individual end customers.

Sales plan

The revenue plan is a comparison table of planned and actual revenues from the management, rental or supply of energy and services. It can be done per year according to your costs structure.

Incoming payments and receivables

Following the invoicing, Chastia FM gives the opportunity to record incoming payments and, based on them, monitor receivables in detail

Maintenance management

The software handles scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances, as well as unplanned maintenance via the Chastia ONE.

Helpdesk and client zone

Our solutions offer you the ability to report requests via a web based interface. Chastia also provides access to data on collection points and customers.


Your next steps

Make an appointment with our staff. We will look at how your current processes are working and what your expectations are.

We will design the solution exactly according to what you need.

We will deploy Chastia software and the management of your company will be clear and efficient.

The right information system is a necessity to achieve your goals

Every facility management company wants to manage the entrusted assets efficiently and without unnecessary concerns. If she doesnt have up-to-date information whenever she needs it, she does not have an overview of the managed assets and their needs. This initiates risks. Clients may not have timely repairs and maintenance, which could result in their dissatisfaction. If there is a lack of clear records, it may happen that the client consumes more energy than necessary and thus increases its costs. If the planning is based on inaccurate data, the company may face unnecessary difficulties that it may not have had. 

In CHASTIA, we know that a well-chosen information system that meets the needs of society becomes necessary to achieve the goals. 

The Chastia information system brings order, clarity and simplicity into information processing. As a result companies enjoy work savings, more optimal use of employees’ working time, and a better overview of the technical condition of equipment. An important part of the system is also energy management, which helps to more efficient energy consumption. The implementation of the Chastia information system will lead to faster processed data and ultimately, to cost savings and increased profits.